Each massage session is unique to the individual client. Following your free consultation there are many options for regarding the type of massage or treatment plan. 


Injury or specific health problem - a unique combination of swedish or deep tissue massage techniques, functional anatomy muscle testing is applied to help ease pain, relieve tension and improve muscle function and mobility. It is also possible to carry out a specific treatment plan and incorporate yoga therapy postures and practises and reflexology to give a full holistic approach to boost your bodies self healing capacity. 

Relaxation -The Hive is the perfect place If you are looking to relax, have time to completely let go of everyday stress and tension. Swedish massage, gentle head massage or reflexology in this tranquil setting is an effective way to ease the physical and emotional body! 

Pregnancy Massage - A complete head to toe pamper with soothing oils and specialist techniques to help you and your bump feel amazing. The treatment can be tailored to what we feel will benefit you the most as every pregnancy is different. 

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