Each session is unique to the individual client. Following your free consultation there are many options for regarding the type of massage or treatment plan. 


Injury or specific health problem -

I have helped patients with problems such as Scoliosis, Migrane, headaches, frozen shoulder / elbow, back pain, cramps.


A combination of swedish or deep tissue massage techniques, functional anatomy muscle testing and in-depth consultations are used to get the most effective treatment for you. It is also possible to carry out a specific treatment plan and incorporate yoga therapy and reflexology to give a full holistic approach to boost your bodies self healing capacity. 

Relaxation -

The Hive is the perfect place If you are looking to relax, have time to completely let go of everyday stress and tension. Swedish massage, gentle head massage or reflexology in this tranquil setting is an effective way to ease the physical and emotional body! 

Pregnancy  / Fertility / Post-natal

Massage and reflexology are extremely beneficial to help all stages of preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy after the first trimester and post natally. 

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"I have had regular yoga sessions and massage with Steph and I can't recommend her enough. I felt amazing after the massages, I have a very physical job that leave me regularly with an achey back and knotted shoulders that Steph manages to iron out every time. Steph is very professional and has a very friendly and positive approach in general but particularly to her work, she's amazing at what she does!"

Jodie G - Massage client

 Treatment List

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A relaxing treatment that eases and relaxes the whole body. Specific areas can be targeted or just drift off and enjoy this whole body experience. 

60mins £40    90mins deluxe aromatherapy £50


Deep Tissue Massage

A relaxing treatment that eases and relaxes the whole body. Specific areas can be targeted or just drift off and enjoy this whole body experience. 

60mins £40    90mins deluxe aromatherapy £50

Back Massage

Head, Back and Shoulder

A Swedish massage focusing on the upper body. Ideal for easing out specific tightness in this area or to help relive stress, tension and headaches. 

60mins £40

Young beautiful pregnant woman having ma

Pregnancy Massage

A complete head to toe pamper with soothing oils and specialist techniques to help you and your bump feel amazing. The treatment can be tailored to what we feel will benefit you the most as every pregnancy is different. 

75mins £45   90mins deluxe with aromatherapy / reflexology £55



Reflexology is an amazing treatment that involves both massage and pressure point techniques on the feet to balance energy pathways of the whole body. It encourages the body to heal itself in a powerful way. A totally relaxing yet energising experience it has many health benefits. This treatment includes a himalayan salt foot soak. 

60mins  £40

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Reflexology Deluxe

This special treatment will leave you "floating on air". A total "Stress Buster" and pamper for your feet and your soul. Involving an essential oil foot soak, gentle foot exfoliation,  reflexology treatment, lower leg massage and moisturising foot mask to leave feet feeling revilatised and soft.. To finish enjoy a gentle head and neck massage to completley let go of any stresses or strains! 

90mins £50

The Hive Studio

My home treatment Studio based in Marton, is a quiet and special place to promote relaxation. Set in our tranquil garden don't  be surprised to see our hens welcoming you! The Hive is my happy place. A place of healing, where I can combine my knowledge and experience in a range of therapies and bodywork to offer unique and effective treatments, to help your body heal itself. 

The Hive encourages healing, not only of the individual but of mother nature. Thats why the Hive's promise is to only use ethical, organic and cruelty free products that have the best health effects and cause less harm to the planet. 

Tranquil setting
Sky views