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Massage reflexology middlesbrough


Treatments tailored to you

Each session is unique to the individual as I work in an intuitive way. Following an in-depth consultation we can work out which treatment or plan will be most effective according to your long term issues or how you feel on the day. It is also possible to offer a "fusion" of therapies as part of a specific treatment plan and incorporate massage, energy healing, reflexology and yoga practises to give a full holistic approach to boost your bodies self-healing capacity. 



Individual treatments for your health and wellbeing.



A relaxing and powerful holistic treatment.

  • Massage
    Swedish / Deep Tissue Massage - Tailored to your requirements but can include a mix of Swedish, deep tissue, multi-therapy massage for specific injuries or for general relaxation. 60 mins £55 90mins £75
  • Reflexology
    Reflexology is an amazing treatment that involves both massage and pressure point techniques on the feet to balance energy pathways of the whole body. It encourages the body to heal itself in a powerful way. A totally relaxing yet energising experience it has many health benefits. After a full in-depth consultation it is possible to have a treatment plan. 60mins £50 75mins with full consultation and advice £65
  • Reiki
    Reiki is a healing practice facilitated by a gentle, light touch working with energy. Treatments restore balance and promote relaxation that strengthen and support the body’s natural healing response. By influencing the body as a whole towards balance – mind, body and spirit - Reiki can have suprising and amazing healing benefits in all kinds of ways but most commonly it can; - improve sleep and insomnia - reduce stress and anxiety - ease physical and emotional pain - stabilise blood pressure - improve heart rate and digestion - aid spiritual connection and intuition Reiki is a completely safe and gentle treatment and can be practised during all stages of pregnancy and is ideal for patients having other medical support or pre/ post surgery. 60 mins £50
  • Ultimate Release and Renew Massage
    This 2 hour session really is the ultimate in restoration and releasing tension throughout the whole body! You will feel like you are floating from the Hive! Following a full consultation this complete head to toe treatment flows with intuitive deep tissue release in areas I feel your body needs it, relaxing flowing movement, Reflexology , Hot Sones, Energy Healing (if chosen) finished with blissful head massage techniques, hot herbal towels. 2hr 85
  • Pregnancy massage
    Massage is highly beneficial during pregnancy. It can help ease general aches and pains as your bump and baby develop yet also target key areas and issues specifically during pregnancy such as; help ease symptoms of pelvic pain ease swollen legs (oedema) boost lymphatic drainage balance blood pressure boost energy Suitable from 14 weeks onwards this full body massage offers everything you need to feel relaxed, confident and energised to help you on this amazing journey making a little human! Ultimate "Mama Bee" - go for this option for the ultimate experience during pregnancy, the perfect treat or gift to celebrate this special time. This treatment gives more time to focus on specific issues, and following a consultation can be bespoke to you incorperating relflexology , energy healing, totally blissful head massage, hot herbal towels and easing foot soak. 75 mins £65 90mins deluxe with aromatherapy / reflexology £75 2hr "Ultimate Mama Bee" £90
  • Hot Stone Massage
    This treatment is ideal to work deep tissue issues yet in a totally relaxing and blissful way. Each gliding stroke with these warm, basalt stones is the equivalent of 10 hand strokes, making this an effective and deep treatment. The stones can be used in specific areas ideal for sports injuries or problematic deep muscular tightness or tension. If you go for the “Ultimate Hot Stones” this is an amazing 90min session using over 40 stones of different sizes that treat the whole body and promote deep relaxation. 60 mins £55 90 mins £7[5
  • Specialist Treatment Packages
    Treatment plans and packages can be designed bespoke to you, your budget and your goals. For specialist packages I offer; Fertlilty support - 6 sessions and complete multi-therapy approach Pregnancy Support - 6 sessions and complete multi-therapy approach Post-Natal - 3 sessions of choice to support you and baby

The Hive Clinic

My calming clinic based in Marton, is a quiet and special place to promote relaxation. Set in our tranquil garden don't  be surprised to see our hens welcoming you! The Hive is my happy place. A place of healing, where I can combine my knowledge and experience in a range of therapies and bodywork to offer unique and effective treatments, to help your body heal itself. 


The Hive encourages healing, not only of the individual but of the wider community, the collective and Mother Earth. That's why the Hive's promise is to only use ethical, organic and cruelty free products that have the best health effects and cause less harm to the planet and to give back in creative ways. 

  • Ethical, premium linens and towels

  • Organic and Ethical skin products 

  • Songbird massage and reflexology waxes

  • Cruelty free cleaning products

  • Direct sponsorship of two children in Guatemala

  • Regular charity fundraising

  • Mum & baby classes in local care home

I am passionate to the small details ensuring everything from the cleaning products I use even to the linens and towels in the clinic are premium, ethical and cruelty free choices.

When you choose The Hive you are supporting the sponsorship of two children, Edgar and Karla in Guatemala through the sponsorship programme with "Children International". A direct percentage of The Hive profits go directly to these children on a monthly basis and extra for Christmas and birthdays. When you take time to give yourself love you can give love to others, this is the perfect way to spread a little joy that goes along way. 

"The treatment was amazing, I felt like I was walking on air afterwards. I have more energy and slept
really well, I'm looking forward to the next treatment!"
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Aromatherapy Massage


" The treatment was amazing, I felt like I was walking on air afterwards. I have more energy and slept really well, I'm looking forward to the next treatment!" 
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