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Baby Bees

These classes are literally "my baby", developed from my personal experience  maintaining and developing  my own yoga practise after my 4 pregnancies and babies. 

My very first classes and most recent have involved my own baby coming with me (with the help of my mam!) I have developed a lovely combination of postnatal yoga for mums which I know works and gentle baby yoga movements, songs and sensory activities that keep baby entertained and help their development in so many amazing ways. You will learn practises and songs that you can carry on at home to continue to develop your amazing bond with baby. 


"Both Ava-Rose and I absolutely love Baby Yoga. The atmosphere is very relaxed and makes us feel at ease. Steph is so welcoming and tailors the classes to suit individual needs. Ava-Rose loves watching the other babies and we sing the songs and practise the little routines at home and it always makes her smile! We miss it when on a break week. The personal touch Steph gives you can't anywhere else. Steph makes amazing cakes and we enjoy them at the end of the class and get the chance to socialise with other new mams. We just love this class!" 

Sarah & Ava-Rose "Baby Bees Class"

When can I start? 

The classes are pretty flexible as every baby is different but a general guide is that they are suitable from 6 weeks if you feel ready (but be aware younger babies will often sleep much longer throughout the class). to approx 12 months postnatal or when the babies become confident to move around and explore individually.

What happens at the classes?

My Baby Bees classes are friendly, non-judgemental, caring, fun, safe places for mums to enjoy an uninterrupted hour or so with their baby without the worries and concerns of day to day life. We enjoy approximately 45 minutes of yoga practise and have time at the end to have a cuppa and enjoy a chat and homemade cake or treats! Sessions involve songs, sound and sensory activities for babies, breathing techniques, gentle postures for mum and baby and specific postures just for mums. Each session is completed with a lovely relaxation which both mum and baby will enjoy and feel more calm and nourished. 


Do I need to have done Yoga before? 

No, each class is different depending on the mums there and lots of different options are given to meet all abilities! Classes are specifically designed for new mums to bring your body gently back to alignment, closing those overworked areas after pregnancy and birth, and supporting your journey in recovering strength and tone in a safe yet challenging way.

Does my Baby get involved? 

Babies are integrated into class with simple Baby Yoga movements based on the principles and postures of yoga which will help you and your baby to communicate, bond and best of all relax. There is a sensory box for older babies and we do lots to help babies physical, social and mental development based on up to date research. Its a good combination of baby yoga and Post-Natal yoga for women. 

What yoga do we do?

We focus on shoulders, upper back, lower back, and core, integrating deep pelvic floor toning and ‘core strength’ micro-movements. Breathing and relaxation techniques will help you to re-balance, rejuvenate and re-energise for life with a new baby.

Yoga poses and movements are given at varying levels to suit each individual. We work on gentle progression over the first 6 months postnatal to avoid long term problems of joint instability and hypermobility. This leads to a secure transition to stronger poses after 6 months. 

What if my baby cries or needs changing / feeding? 

These classes are totally relaxed and "baby led". We totally welcome feeding at anytime, some weeks your baby may be tired and sleep, other weeks they may be hungry and want feeding all the time. Don't worry even if you are feeding you and your baby are still taking part. 

F A Q's

Booking information

5 Week block -at Marton Community Centre, Marton. For  latest dates or to be added onto the waiting list please follow this link ;


Numbers are limited and payment must be made prior to the class to secure your place.

The booking is non-refundable.


"Definitely recommend! I love the "Baby Led" approach. Steph is so knowledgable about what benefits both mum and baby. Coffee and cake afterwards is so nice! "


"I enjoy the ability to exercise whilst Poppy can play. I would and have already recommended this class to other new mums. The concept of exercising and bonding with your baby is fantastic!"

Heather and Poppy

"I've loved this class, relaxation and bonding time with Rose. Class opening always makes me feel I am not alone in some post-birth struggles, It's my favourite time of the week. Rose has benefitted from the songs with stretches too. Taking home the movements gives me rest-bite and helps settle Rose while benefitting me and making me feel like the pre pregnancy me! "

Jo and Rose 

"Baby Bees is such a chilled, lovely class, there's no fear of judgement or competition. Steph creates an atmosphere of support and friendship for both mums and babies. If you need to vent, relieve tension or distract you baby it's all incorporated into the class. "

Angela and Robin

The Hive Community

The Hive Community

When Women get together amazing things happen. When you come along to the hive you and your baby are warmly welcomed into a supportive, friendly and safe group. An amazing group of mamas that are all going through similar struggles, ups and downs and also cherishing this magical and precious time that often goes far too quickly. The groups are a really special place and lifelong friendships often spark! It is one of my greatest pleasures to know that through my classes i have brought women and children together but it is the women themselves that make it so special! 

There is never a set plan or schedule but don't be surprised to get the odd handmade gift (made with my daughter), lots of cake and treats and ideas and schemes to help spread joy for other causes.

Community events;

- Inter-generational class at Local Care home

-Christmas and Halloween parties 

-Fundraising sessions for women charities

 - Collections and donations of items for Teesside Baby Bank

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