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pregnancy yoga

Classes are due to return - Late 2024

Pregnancy Yoga

These yoga classes are perfect for you during this special time. Whether you already have a yoga practise or are a complete beginner, you will be guided into a beautiful world of gentle and intelligent movements, sequences, breath practises, effective sound and ancient mantra knowledge to help you and your baby in many magical ways.


You are a goddess, your body and your baby has an innate and ancient wisdom, lets connect to it! Feel it and trust it! As you read this you're body is actually making a tiny human... how amazing is that?


You don't really need to do anything apart from maybe treat yourself to a bit of yummy pregnancy yoga?!


What to expect from pregnancy yoga...

  • Relax and give your baby love and attention during this special time.

  • Yoga sequences, postures, breathing techniques and guided 'yoga nidra' relaxations to enable to you to feel energised, to help cope with the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and to also prepare for birth. 

  • Sound practises to experience a magical bond with your baby and that help with labour. 

  • Stay for a cuppa and homemade treats, chat and make new lasting friendships with other mums-to-be!  

  • Access to The Hive Community – A private group offering support and the opportunity to take part in a variety of events and workshops. 

"It's my first time doing yoga and its a really nice gentle introduction. Its a lovely atmosphere working in a small group getting to know others who are also pregnant. Relaxation is amazing and perfect to switch off and focus on breathing techniques. Yoga practises are really easy to follow and help encourage stretching and strengthening."

Pregnancy yoga benefits...

  • Balance blood pressure

  • Minimise back discomfort

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduce fluid retention

  • Faster post-natal recovery 

  • Improve pain and stress management during labour

  • Reduced cramps, heartburn

Why practise pregnancy yoga?

During your pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes that prepare you for your baby’s development and childbirth. If you’re keen to help the process along, you might want to consider the great benefits of pregnancy yoga.


Pelvic Floor birth and recovery

You’ll prepare your pelvic floor for birth and beyond. Throughout your pregnancy, your pelvic floor supports an increased load. In addition, it’ll undergo strain during the birthing process, leaving it weaker than when you started. Gentle exercises help to keep your pelvic floor strong, practising pregnancy yoga on a regular basis increases blood flow to your pelvis, helping to nourish the muscles in your pelvic floor. Combining effective breathing techniques and learning to release the pelvic floor muscles can greatly help during Labour.  When you carry this process on following the birth, you can speed up the healing process.


Improve your sleep

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to tackle insomnia. When your body is working overtime to grow a tiny human, it stands to reason that sleeping becomes more challenging. With a busy brain and the stresses of preparing for the journey ahead, you may find it extra difficult to sleep. Pregnancy yoga helps you enhance your breathing techniques, which in turn makes it easier for you to relax. In addition, yoga expends pent up energy, increasing the likelihood that you’ll enjoy a good night’s rest.



You enjoy the opportunity to nurture yourself and your baby and enjoy a feeling of being 'pampered' and 'loved'! If you’re looking for a chance to spend more time with other mums-to-be, pregnancy yoga presents the perfect opportunity. Not only that, you’ll be indulging in a new hobby that’s designed to nurture yourself and your baby. This is an empowering experience for any woman who is looking to connect with her changing body, and you’ll also develop an awareness of what’s happening within, allowing you to bond with your baby before they’re born.



 A wholesome and empowering session, tailored to the vibe of the women each time, and ending with gentle relaxation, a warm drink and a sweet treat. These groups would often be the highlight of my week as we all grew together in various ways.

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